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Roselyn Keo was born and raised in a small county 20 mins away from Manhattan. Not coming from much she worked hard to support herself. She attended college at Berkeley in NYC. From slinging plates at a local diner to swinging on the poles in the Big Apple, she got into dancing at 17 years old. She eventually learned the art of hustling from a young age and through all her life experiences. Rosie always dreamed big, constantly wanting better....

At the age of 27, when the game had changed, she changed the game; which landed her behind bars. This might have been a blessing in disguise, which she would not realize until later. She has learned many life lessons, the hard way. With every curve ball thrown at her, she always remained true to herself, remaining undefeated. She learned the power of resilience, leadership and importance of family. Being an amazing mother to her daughter has been the most important job she has ever taken on. Maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle while being a stay at home mom has been so rewarding to her and her family.

After years of hiding from her past, she discovered that a movie inspired by her life story was in the making. Instead of having Hollywood narrate their version of who she really was, she decided to take charge and tell her version of what really happened.

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